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New start long voyage!– SINO-OCEAN MARINE 818 Chengde grassland group construction activities


In order to enrich the spare time life of employees, promote the communication between colleagues, strengthen the sense of team cooperation, and enhance the communication and exchange between various departments, Qinhuangdao Xinyuan Marine Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. carried out a three-day 818 Saihanba grassland group construction activity in Chengde from August 18 to 20, 2023.


Wwichang & Spa Hotel

On the first morning, with the sun rising, we started our journey.After a four-hour drive, we arrived at the first stop of the event, the Paddock Huwan Hot Spring Hotel.Here, we not only experienced the comfortable and relaxing holiday hot springs and saunas, but also tasted the delicious lunch, and everyone spent a comfortable and relaxing and happy afternoon.

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In the evening, the whole roast lamb comes on!The taste of authentic roasted whole sheep makes people move their index fingers and shout.We sit together happily, raise a glass to drink, temporarily put down the pressure of work, the troubles of life, wholeheartedly into such a happy atmosphere, open this belongs to our night!It was getting late and the exciting party was about to begin.

The small partners of Xinyuan took to the stage to express themselves bravely, and sang their voices, attracting passers-by to stop and applaud.Then the yard is lit bonfire, jumping bonfire like galloping horses, everyone hand in hand around the flame dance cheer will be the atmosphere of the night to the climax.

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Saihanba · Prairie

Early the next morning, we took the SUV to the depths of the vast grasslands and began the deep crossing.The pristine birch forest, the flocks of fat cattle and sheep rushing past, the beautiful flowers, and the grassland against the blue sky and white clouds are refreshing.Riding a horse to whip, in the endless prairie, this is the real experience of what is freedom.

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Chengde ・ Prosperous dynasty Kangxi grand ceremony

Leaving the steppe, we head to our next destination ———— the Grand Ceremony of Kangxi, the heyday of the imperial dynasty.This unique stage performance, with the mountain as the curtain and the light as the guide, tells the legendary life of a generation of emperors.It brings us not only artistic edification, but also spiritual shock.

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Chengde ·small Potala Palace

Then on the third day, we came to Chengde famous scenic spots, known as the “small Potala Palace” Putuo Zong ride temple and Xumi Temple of happiness and longevity.The architectural style with white walls and red Windows is very distinctive. We followed the guide and listened all the way and learned a lot about the historical story of this temple.

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Way to home

After lunch, relaxed and happy, we boarded the bus for home.The three-day journey is over, although the time to play is short, the positive significance he brings, I believe that it can affect every Xinyuan people, encourage us to continue to bravely move forward after returning to work and fight side by side.

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Post time: Aug-28-2023